raj-wp  Our company named ‘Razzle web solutions’–Health care IT &DA .It is founded on 20th june 2016, and it is Registered with MCA, India.This company is having an authorized license to deal with “Software functions+Health care services+Insurance guidance”, to the public.The work function which is authorized by MCA ,includes domestic as well as Global positioning,which is likely to be in future during expansion of business.

We provide overall informations to the client/patient according to the requirement.The proper expert guidance is given and the data analysis is done for the suitable treatment mode.Also the Insurance advice section is authorized to us.Hence we can suggest better and appropriate policy (calculation based) to our client for a hassle free treatment cost burden.All together we develop a Global network (which is our core function-software related & based),to provide a cutting edge facility to the people to experience a better life style.The upcoming update is always going on and we ensure the latest technology to be fed in our operational system,for an advanced quick response with a convenient entry of data within possible limitation.